The Challenges of doing class at home

Doing ballet class at home- either by Zoom, YouTube or other platform, has it’s challenges. Firstly, make sure you have a couple of square metres or more to move in. Ideally a wood, lino, or laminate floor is good. If you do have carpet in your floor space you may be able to find a portable dance floor or dance floor tiles or Home Practice Dance Mat. Also, be aware if your floor is very hard. If so, keep jumping to minimum or avoid all together.

Make sure your dance space is safe, no obstacles or sharp edges if you can avoid them. Next tech! Make sure the device you are using to view class is fully charged and propped up, or supported, securely. Also is your internet good enough to stream your class? Remember, several devices being used in your home at the same time may affect the quality and speed of your internet signal.

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